Panama Boquete

Panama Boquete

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Over the years, Casa Ruiz has earned a reputation for quality, and consistency. Today, the operation is managed by brother and sister, Plinio and Maria Ruiz, high up in the cool, natural shade canopy of the Boquete mountains. Only the ripest, red cherries are picked, processed, and sorted by grow method, altitude, varietal, and bean size. Casa Ruiz utilizes both traditional growing methods and modern, eco-friendly techniques to be able to consistently provide a superior crop, while maintaining a healthy natural environment for future generations. They have also helped build a model program to help the indigenous Ngäbe people obtain organic certification for coffee grown on their land. Over three hundred independent, small-scale family farms partner with Casa Ruiz to process and market their coffee.

Origin:  Panama
Region:  Chiriqui
Farm:  Casa Ruiz
Process:  Washed
Roast:  Medium

Tasting Notes:  Bits of sweet orange, sweet brown sugar, syrupy body, golden bright acidity.


Grade:  SHB
Altitude:  4,900-5,400 feet
Harvest:  December-March